Create Great iPhone Photos

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Many people use their iPhones to take snapshots, but few realize the power of their phone's camera. (After all, it only has one button). Create Great iPhone Photos shows you how to harness the full potential of your iPhone's camera. This richly illustrated, 4-color book teaches you how to manipulate and publish images straight from your iPhone, without the hassle of memory cards, connection cables, or complex desktop photo editing tools. Author Allan Hoffman begins by explaining fundamentals of great iPhone photography, and how to use the essential iPhone editing apps. You'll learn tips and tricks for composition, focusing, lighting, and the other unique challenges of the iPhone. You'll also learn how to instantly share photos on Flickr and create your own photoblog. Those looking to get the most out of their iPhone's camera, and make remarkable photos with iPhone apps, just need to open Create Great iPhone Photos.

Table of contents

  1. Create Great iPhone Photos
    1. Acknowledgments
    2. Introduction
      1. iPhone Basics
      2. What This Book Covers
    3. 1. iPhone Camera Essentials
      1. Reasons to Love Your iPhone Camera
      2. Simplicity—and Limitations
      3. The iPhone’s Duo of Photography Apps
      4. Taking Photos with the Camera App
        1. Focus, Exposure, and White Balance (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4)
        2. Zoom
        3. Macro (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4)
        4. HDR (iPhone 4)
        5. Flash (iPhone 4)
        6. Front-Facing Camera (iPhone 4)
      5. Viewing Photos on Your iPhone
        1. Up Close and Very Personal
        2. Photo Albums
        3. The Camera Roll
        4. Controls for Emailing and Sharing a Single Photo
        5. Emailing, Deleting, and Copying Multiple Photos
        6. Watch a Slide Show
        7. Places
        8. Faces and Events
      6. Transferring Your iPhone Photos to Your Computer
      7. Using iTunes to Sync Photos to Your iPhone
      8. Accessories for Your iPhone Camera Bag
      9. The iPhone Photography Credo
    4. 2. Customize Your iPhone Camera
      1. Building Your Dream Camera
      2. A Crash Course on Photography Apps
        1. Downloading Photography Apps
        2. What to Consider When Buying Apps
        3. Understanding Photography App Controls
        4. Settings and Options in Photography Apps
        5. Organizing Your Photography Apps in Folders
      3. Using Apps to Add “Missing” Features to Your Camera
        1. Self-Timer
        2. Burst Mode (Continuous Shooting Mode)
        3. Zoom
        4. Low-Light and Flash Apps
        5. Better (and Bigger!) Shutter Button
        6. A Print Button for Your Phone
      4. Replacement Camera Apps
        1. Camera+
        2. ProCamera
        3. Camera Genius
        4. Camera Plus Pro
        5. Also Worth a Look
      5. The Big Decision: Use the Camera App or Another App?
    5. 3. Photoshop in Your Pocket
      1. Your iPhone Is Your Darkroom
      2. Enhancing—and Fixing—Your Photos with Image Editors
      3. Adobe Photoshop Express
        1. Saving Mediocre Photos from Oblivion
          1. Cropping
          2. Straightening (or Skewing)
          3. Contrast, Exposure, and Saturation
          4. Adding Borders and Frames
        2. Other Image-Editing Options with Photoshop Express
      4. Photogene
        1. Using Levels to Correct Image Woes
        2. Adding a Custom Frame
      5. PhotoForge
        1. Understanding PhotoForge’s Controls and Options
        2. Editing Images with PhotoForge Filters and Effects
          1. Using Levels for Photo Fixes
          2. Using Curves for Control in Correcting Images
        3. Retouching an Image with the Clone Stamp and Smudge Tools
      6. Iris Photo Suite
        1. Using ColorSense to Highlight a Color
        2. Using Layers to Blend Images
      7. PerfectPhoto
        1. Tools and Effects
        2. Sharpening an Image
      8. Automatic Adjustments—and Improvements—with a Few Taps
        1. PerfectlyClear
        2. Auto Adjust
      9. You’ve Only Just Begun
    6. 4. Filters, Effects, and Recipes
      1. Powerful Filters and Effects with Photo fx
        1. Using Photo fx Filters
        2. Adding Layers
        3. Masking Images for Complex Effects
        4. Painting, Retouching, and Special Effects with Paint Brushes
      2. Quick and Easy Filters with FX Photo Studio
      3. Blur, Selective Focus, and Fake Miniature Effects
        1. Creating a Background Blur
        2. Fake Miniature Model Effects
        3. Selective Focus
      4. Panoramas
        1. AutoStitch Panorama
        2. Pano
        3. You Gotta See This!
      5. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging
      6. Color Adjustments and Effects with Mill Colour
      7. Double Exposures
      8. Adding a Border or Frame to Your Photo
      9. Taking Things to the Next Level with App Recipes
    7. 5. The Retro Look
      1. Step into the iPhone’s Photographic Time Machine
      2. To 1974—and Beyond
        1. CameraBag
        2. Lo-Mob
        3. PictureShow
      3. Polaroids and Instant Cameras
        1. ShakeItPhoto
        2. Polarize
        3. ClassicINSTA
      4. The Wonderful World of Hipstamatic
        1. Quick Start with Hipstamatic
        2. Selecting Your Lens, Flash, and Film
        3. Taking Things to the Next Level
          1. Stacks for Sharing—and Printing
          2. HipstaMart
          3. Camera Back or Camera Front?
          4. Turning Off Your Flash
          5. Creating Favorite Combos
      5. Re-creating the Darkroom Experience
        1. The Fantasy Darkroom World of SwankoLab
        2. CameraKit
        3. Use Cross Process to Create Beautiful Mistakes
        4. Messing Up Your Pristine Images with Pic Grunger
      6. Black-and-White Images
        1. OldCamera
        2. Spica
        3. MonoPhix
        4. Vint B&W
        5. Resurrecting Films of the Past with Film Lab
      7. From App to the Desktop
    8. 6. Fun and Offbeat Effects
      1. Toy Cameras
        1. Plastic Bullet
        2. CAMERAtan
        3. Andigraf
      2. Photo Booths
        1. IncrediBooth
        2. Photo Booth Classic Plus
        3. Multiframe Constructions with Diptic
        4. Selective Color with Color Splash
        5. 3D Photos with 3D Camera
      3. Build a LEGO Construction with LEGO Photo
      4. Comic Strips with Strip Designer
      5. Monet and Picasso, via ArtCamera
      6. Ransom-Note Lettering with Ransom Letters
      7. Digital Glitches and Off-the-Wall Artworks with Satromizer
      8. Graphic Novel Sketches with ToonPAINT
      9. Photo Mashups with Juxtaposer
      10. A Psychedelic Look with PhotoTropedelic
      11. Share the Love (and Laughs)
    9. 7. Snap—and Share
      1. Crafting Your Social Networking Strategy (or Not)
      2. Flickr
        1. Flickr Terminology
        2. The Flickr App
        3. Flickit Pro
      3. Facebook
      4. Twitter
      5. MobileMe
      6. Sharing at Photo Printing Services
      7. Geotagging and Location-Based Sharing
        1. Location-Based iPhone Photography Apps
          1. EveryTrail
          2. Gowalla
          3. Mopho
          4. Pegshot
        2. Turning Off Geotagging
      8. Animoto
      9. Photo Postcards
        1. Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite
        2. Postage
        3. SodaSnap Postcards
      10. Go Postal with a Postcard Sent by the USPS
      11. No End to Sharing
    10. 8. Your Photoblog
      1. Deciding on a Look for Your Photoblog
      2. Blogging Tools
      3. Photoblogging with Tumblr
        1. Getting Started with Tumblr
        2. Setting Up Your Blog
        3. Posting to Tumblr
        4. Using the Tumblr iPhone App
        5. Customizing Your Blog
        6. Exploring the Tumblr Community
      4. Using WordPress for Your iPhone Photoblog
      5. Using Posterous for Your iPhone Photoblog
      6. Using Blogger for Your iPhone Photoblog
      7. Seven Tips to Get People Looking at Your Photoblog
    11. 9. For Inspiration
      1. Peter Belanger
      2. Jeremy Edwards
      3. Gus Gusbano
      4. Stephanie Chappe
      5. Tony Cece
      6. MissPixels
      7. The iPhoneography Community
    12. Index
    13. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: Create Great iPhone Photos
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Publisher(s): No Starch Press
  • ISBN: 9781593272852