A photo blog is a piece of dynamic art. Like the Internet upon which it resides, it's in a state of constant flux as people load pages and view your images, and you in turn upload new ones. My very first site was called Flux Redux because of my fascination with the way that I could change my design or the way I presented my photographs, or even the photographs themselves, all in the span of a few moments ... and I often did. As an early reader once wrote, "I never know what I am going to find when I come to your site! It's like a daily adventure." Though I don't recommend this approach, finding your own style is important — you want your photo blog to reflect you as a photographer and a human being.

The style of your photo blog is the combination of

  • Layout

  • Design

  • Photography

When put together and published to the Web, these three elements are what give the viewer an idea of what you're all about, what you want to do with your photography, and, in fact, what's important to you.

This was my favorite chapter to write, because in it I get to show you some of the coolest and best photo blogs on the Internet, and you can rub your hands together and plan out the many exciting things you can do with your shiny new site. Most exciting is the fact that there is not a site in the bunch that you cannot make yourself with a little time and experience. "Cutting edge" on ...

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