Creating an audience takes a combination of an accessible and well-designed blog, consistently interesting photography, and being in the right places and doing the right things to get noticed. In the previous sections of the book, I cover the first two aspects of a successful photo blog. In this section, I cover getting your blog noticed and linked.

Before You Go Public

Before you start submitting your website to search engines and other index or portal sites, you need to prepare yourself in order to get the maximum benefit from those services. You need to make sure your blog has plenty of quality content, that all the links work, and that you are "ready for company" before you link out and join portal sites. The old adage is true: You never get a second chance at a first impression.

Ensure you have plenty of content

Not only must you make sure that all of your links work and your content is appearing how you want it to, but you must have a reasonable collection of entries before you start an active publicity campaign for your new blog. I recommend no less than fifty entries or photographs and a completed Links and About page as a minimum.

Make a good description for your blog

Many indexes have URL submission forms that ask for description information relating to the site, so it pays to think a little about it before submitting your blog. If ...

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