Create Your Own ChatGPT Clone using Python

Video description

Unlock the world of conversational AI with "Create Your Own ChatGPT Clone using Python," a comprehensive video course designed to teach you the intricacies of AI model interactions.

Starting with a solid introduction and setup requirements, this course swiftly moves into hands-on exercises where you'll engage with the ChatGPT API using Python. You'll not only learn about API parameters and endpoints but also how to weave these components into a responsive Python FastAPI service. Transitioning from Python to front-end development, the course empowers you to create a React project, giving life to your ChatGPT clone with engaging styles and functionalities.

The journey continues into the nuances of fine-tuning models, where you'll tailor ChatGPT solutions to fit specific needs, offering personalized experiences. The course culminates in strategic model selection, ensuring you're equipped to choose the most effective GPT model for your project's requirements, capped off with a cohesive summary tying all learned concepts together.

What you will learn

  • Navigate the setup for ChatGPT API interaction.
  • Create a Python FastAPI for ChatGPT.
  • Construct and style a ChatGPT clone in a React environment.
  • Customize ChatGPT models through fine-tuning techniques.
  • Select the optimal GPT model for specific project needs.
  • Synthesize course knowledge in a comprehensive project.


Geared towards Python developers keen on building AI chatbots, and AI and NLP enthusiasts looking to delve into chatbot development, this course suits students and professionals eager for hands-on AI and Python experience. A foundational grasp of Python, React, and basic API interactions is assumed, catering to innovators who want to unlock the potential of conversational AI.

About the Author

Eduonix Learning Solutions: Eduonix Learning Solutions is a renowned provider of high-quality technology training content. With a seasoned team of industry professionals who have been nurturing talent for over a decade, Eduonix is dedicated to delivering educational experiences that mirror the professional world's real-world applications. Specializing in a wide range of technologies, from web and mobile development to enterprise solutions, database management, and server administration, Eduonix's goal is to equip learners with the necessary skills to excel in the technology sector. Their training material is crafted by experts with a deep understanding of the industry, ensuring learners receive the most relevant and practical knowledge.

Product information

  • Title: Create Your Own ChatGPT Clone using Python
  • Author(s): Eduonix Learning Solutions
  • Release date: April 2024
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781836206071