Chapter 8. A Maturity-Model “Reality Check” for Organizations

Chapter 2 discussed Qubole’s five-step data maturity model, but how does that model align with what companies are really doing? Are companies actually maturing along this spectrum as expected? Where are most companies now? More important, how does your organization fit into the model, and how does its maturity affect your ability to make data-driven decisions?

To find out what organizations were actually doing with their big data initiatives, Qubole commissioned a global survey of 406 senior executives from organizations across a range of industries. The primary research goal was to capture the status of big data projects within enterprise companies, and to answer the questions of “where are people today?” and “where do people want to be?” while shedding light on some of the challenges that they will face getting there.

Organizations Understand the Need for Big Data, But Reach Is Still Limited

Big data is still a very limited deployment.

Upon reviewing the survey results, the first insight we had was that virtually every organization today hopes to take advantage of big data. Only four percent of organizations surveyed said that attempting to harness big data didn’t make sense for their business. Equal proportions of companies said they have been using big data for some time (38 percent) or were just getting started on big data projects (38 percent). Although the remaining 20 percent don’t currently have big data ...

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