Creating Powerful Radio

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Creating Powerful Radio
For Managers, Programmers and Talent

* GROW AUDIENCES - Increase your ratings! LifeStage Demographics: Know your audience and how they listen.

* PROGRAMMING Build exciting programming - even on dull news days - with proven techniques to guide programmers and talent to the next level of performance.

* NEWS: Write, produce and deliver powerful news. Learn multiple version techniques and much more.

* PERSONALITY Identify winning talent. Develop strong air personalities. Learn to manage high ego talent and motivate your staff to do their best.

* TALK Secrets to improve your show. Learn powerful radio interview techniques and ways to make the talk win big.

* INFORMATION Break down the walls between news and entertainment radio. Creative methods to easily write and deliver complex, detailed stories or issues using the multi-version method.

* PROMOTIONS Learn methods to spread the word about your station and write powerful copy for more effective promos and commercials

* AIRCHECKING A comprehensive step-by-step guide to show prep and effective airchecking.

Valerie Geller is an internationally acclaimed broadcast consultant working with stations that emphasize news, talk, information and personality radio.

What people are saying about Valerie Geller's Creating Powerful Radio

"A tremendous work!"
- Scott Shannon,
program director/air personality
WPLJ, New York

"This is the book I hope my competitors don't read.
It's required reading for my staff."
- Jerry Bell,
managing news editor,
KOA/KTLK, Denver

"If you want to understand what makes radio work, read this, then read it again."
- Jon Faine,
air personality,
774 ABC Radio
Melbourne, Australia

"It should be a textbook."
- Chris Berry,
general manager,
WMAL, Washington, DC

"If you want to achieve compelling radio and increase audiences, read this book immediately! Station 97.3 in London has experienced massive growth using its methods."
- Scott Solder
programme controller
LBC Radio, London

"This book helped me create Britain's most successful local radio station, with a 40 percent market share and number one in the UK. Buy it. It works!"
- Keri Jones,
CEO/Radio Pembrokeshire
Wales, UK

"Making it in broadcasting takes more than just luck. Creating Powerful Radio is your 'Road Guide' to success in radio."
- Andy Vierra
program director
KNUU, Las Vegas

"This book will help your show get better."
- Al Rantel
talk show host
KABC, Los Angeles

- Paul Fisher,
vice president, Rogers Radio
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Valerie Geller's first book was a triumph. It has proved to be an excellent primer for my staff. Valerie is an inspiration. If you can't get her for your station, buy this book."
- John Ryan, managing director
BBC Radio. Manchester, UK

"Creating Powerful Radio is a fine guide for people inside the radio biz and an explanation of that biz to people outside, including the people who would like to get in. It's the kind of book where the reader thinks, 'Oh that's why they do that.' "
- David Hinkley
New York Daily News

"This should be required reading in every newsroom and every radio station."
- Radio World

"Creating Powerful Radio might eventually make an executive's job at a satellite formatted affiliate much tougher."
- Professor Peter Hunn
Communications Studies Department
State University of New York, Oswego

"It's great. Read it!"
- Kim Komando
syndicated air personality

"I recommend it to everyone and I use it in my classes. I love this book."
- Jo Maeder (The Rock 'N Roll Madame)
air personality and instructor
New York University

"Packed with insights, well written, and fun to read. It's obvious why so many radio people consider this book 'a must!' "
- John Sawatsky, professor of journalism
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

- Phil Taylor,
BBC, Scotland

"Creating Powerful Radio contains valuable
tips and information for presenters, managers, and programmers."
- Julia Sullivan,
Music & Media

"Useful and practical."
- Jan Orskov, journalist,
Danmarks Radio, Denmark

"It's my bible!"
- Asa Paborn,
program director,
SBS Radio, Stockholm, Sweden

"We gave copies to the entire staff."
- Viktor Worms, Antenne Bayern
Munich, Germany

"Anyone even considering a career in radio should read this!"
- Adele Scheele, Ph.D,
Career Strategist, author: "Skills for Success"

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  • Title: Creating Powerful Radio
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2009
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136024016