Creating Smart Presentations with PowerPoint 2016

Video description

You've been tasked with creating your first Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Nervous? Don't be. In this course, PowerPoint expert Guy Vaccaro explains and demonstrates everything you need to know to create PowerPoint presentations that are great looking, entertaining, and smart. He starts with the basics and moves you through the processes, tips, and tricks that can transform any beginner into a confident pro. You'll learn the terminology of PowerPoint, acquire hands-on experience using its most important tools, and come away with the confidence you need to get going with PowerPoint now.

  • Understand how to create, save, and run PowerPoint presentations
  • Master the ability to design and format PowerPoint slides
  • Learn how to add bullets and shapes, change fonts, and use themes
  • Uncover the secrets of adding pie charts and org charts to slides
  • Explore the techniques for adding animation, video, music, and narration
  • Understand how to apply, use, and distribute design templates
  • Gain confidence in your ability to produce effective PowerPoint presentations

Known for his friendly demeanor and easy to understand teaching style, Guy Vaccaro has trained thousands of people on Microsoft software over the past fifteen years. An expert on a range of Microsoft products from Office Suite and MS Access to MS Project and more, Guy is the author of thirty seven O'Reilly titles, including "Learning Microsoft Excel 2016", "Microsoft Project for Software Developers", and "Learning SQL".

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. What Will I Be Able To Do By The End? 00:05:07
    2. PowerPoint 2016 Interface And Ribbons 00:04:37
    3. The New Tell Me Feature 00:02:49
    4. Using The Included Working Files 00:01:49
    5. Microsoft Account And OneDrive 00:02:23
    6. About The Author 00:01:01
  2. Presentation Creation
    1. Creating And Saving New Presentations 00:06:41
    2. Opening, Closing, And Exploring Layouts 00:07:02
    3. Adding New Slides, Slide Layout, And Spell Checking 00:07:39
  3. Design Slides
    1. Themes, Fonts, And Colors 00:07:36
    2. Mastering Bullet Points 00:08:44
    3. Paragraph Formatting, Superscript, Subscript, And Changing Case 00:08:25
    4. Managing Autocorrect In PowerPoint 00:07:45
  4. Charts And Graphs
    1. Creating Your First Chart 00:09:17
    2. Managing And Editing The Chart Data 00:05:31
    3. Changing The Chart Type And Customizing Its Style 00:07:40
    4. Pie Charts Explored 00:08:33
    5. The New Chart Types Explained 00:06:38
  5. Organization Charts
    1. Adding Organization Charts 00:07:06
    2. Adding And Removing People And Boxes 00:08:57
    3. Customizing The Style And Color 00:06:12
  6. WordArt, Shapes, SmartArt, And Images
    1. Inserting, Resizing, Moving, And Deleting Images 00:08:40
    2. Adding Formatting And Editing Shapes 00:08:49
    3. Using SmartArt Graphics 00:07:03
    4. Exploring WordArt 00:05:31
    5. Grouping, Aligning, Distributing, And Multiple Objects 00:07:27
    6. Image Enhancement Tools 00:05:23
    7. Using Video In Presentations 00:06:09
  7. Managing And Running The Presentation
    1. Managing Slides In Slide Sorter View 00:05:18
    2. Running The Show With Shortcuts 00:03:44
    3. Draw On A Slide During A Show 00:03:01
    4. Running A Slideshow On Its Own 00:04:18
    5. Creating A Narrated Audio Track 00:05:39
    6. Adding Background Music 00:05:42
    7. Creating And Running A Custom Show 00:05:52
  8. Animation
    1. Slide Transition Effects 00:06:13
    2. Adding Animation Effects 00:06:57
    3. The Animation Pane 00:08:16
    4. Animating SmartArt Objects Including Organization Charts 00:08:15
    5. Animating Charts And Graphs 00:04:44
    6. Emphasis And Exit Animations 00:06:20
    7. Creating And Using Motion Paths 00:07:05
  9. Master Views
    1. What Are The Master Slides 00:06:14
    2. Changing Backgrounds And Fonts 00:05:11
    3. Images, Footers, Slide Numbers, And Dates In The Master 00:05:31
    4. Can We Animate The Slide Masters? 00:04:52
    5. Using Handout And Notes Masters 00:05:42
  10. Templates And Printing
    1. Using A Microsoft Supplied Template 00:05:42
    2. Design, Save, And Use Your Own Template 00:06:17
    3. Print Or PDF Your Slides And Content 00:05:42
  11. The End And Beyond
    1. Presenting And Sharing Your Presentation Online 00:05:21
    2. Introducing The Power Of Action Buttons 00:06:55
    3. Wrap Up 00:04:51

Product information

  • Title: Creating Smart Presentations with PowerPoint 2016
  • Author(s): Guy Vaccaro
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491983751