II.2. Excuse Number One: I Don't Have the Money

It takes money to make money, right? There is no sin or shame in not having a lot of money. The greatest success stories of all started out with humble beginnings. Repara the shack I lived in, without even hot water for our baths? But by now you should realize that using anything we lack as an excuse—education, experience, time, money—is a sure way never to achieve our full potential in life.

"No money" is probably the most-used excuse for not pursuing dreams and goals. Essentially, this excuse asks us to believe that we would be able to be more successful if we had access to more capital. The reality is more businesses have probably failed by assuming they could throw money at their problems, instead of dealing with the problems and making hard changes, than have failed from not having enough money. Both are management, not money, issues.

It's really our inflated perception of the risks involved that kills the deal. We fret and worry about the unknown, develop all sorts of expectations that are usually proven false anyway. The risks grow and grow in our minds, and the scales tip further and further away from our dream and back to the safety of our "Comfort Zone." The safety of our mental prison becomes preferable to the danger of the unknown world.

Exactly How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Having "enough" money is about as vague as it gets. How much is enough? Other than your monthly expenses, and three to six months' income for ...

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