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Creating the Accountability Culture

Book Description

Creating The Accountability Culture: The Science of Life Changing Leadership takes a close look at the challenges facing business today which demand higher productivity, improved efficiency, and increased employee engagement. The author proposes an entirely new way of building corporate culture to address these issues. Tools and techniques designed to shift our present culture to one of full accountability and responsibility are at the heart of this work...Utilization of new sciences help to inform and provide a platform for the unique tools and techniques that, when practiced, consistently create an accountability culture that is life-changing for leaders, their teams and their organizations as a whole. This work introduces, for the first time, the Accountability Model, which outlines a simple yet highly effective roadmap for culture shift, which, in turn transforms lives and facilitates achievement of corporate goals. Creating capacity, improved productivity and profits in our organizations are grounded in a full understanding of what it is to be human and our ability to access all of the gifts and talents that this encompasses. This approach is not for the faint of heart and requires courage and commitment however the results are astounding when the tools are consistently practiced.