6.3. SoftGrid Client Applet

There's a lot of power a regular user can perform with the SoftGrid Client applet. That's right, Sally in Accounting can use the SoftGrid Client to get information about her SoftGrid applications and affect her own SoftGrid life. She likely won't; but it's good to know what type of trouble users could get into.

In Figure 6.52, you saw the menu items when you right-clicked over the SoftGrid Client icon in the system tray. Take a quick flip back to Figure 6.52 to recall what the system tray applet looks like. You'll see the following items:

  • Refresh Applications

  • Load Applications

  • Message History

  • Work Offline

(Exit is listed, as well, but that's no fun.) In this section, we'll explore the options the SoftGrid Client applet ...

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