Creating Value for Leaders

Book description

The book describes value creation in its various nuances, how it arises, how it is used, and the width of value creation, from how it impacts a company and how that company can become more successful by creating value for customers.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Endorsements
  3. Half-Title
  4. Title
  5. Copyright
  6. Dedication
  7. Contents
  8. Foreword by Professor Philip Kotler
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. About the Author
  11. Introduction
    1. The Importance of Value
  12. 1 Value
    1. Creating Value for Yourself Means Creating Value for Others
    2. What Is Real Value?
    3. The Impact of Culture on Creating Value
    4. The Sense of Value
    5. Using Customer’s Bill of Rights to Build a Customer Culture
    6. Value of Belonging: The Orphaned Customer
    7. Why “What’s in It for Me” Can Kill Value Creation
    8. What Does Being Secure Have to Do with Creating Value?
    9. Creating Value, Value Co-creation, and Value Destruction
    10. From Value Grabbing to Value Creating: Lesson for Leaders
    11. Is Value Co-creation Always Necessary
    12. The Value Co-creation Platform
    13. Wellbeing and Value Creation: Are They Two Sides of a Coin?
  13. 2 Value Creation Education
    1. Example of Value Creation in Education: At the Michener Center, U of Texas, Austin
    2. Creating Value with Knowledge
    3. Training vs. a Learning Mindset in Value Creation
  14. 3 Customer Value
    1. What Is Customer Value and How Can You Create It?
    2. The Eight Principles of Customer Value Creation
    3. Some Misconceptions about Customer Value
    4. The Memory of Your Experience Is More Important Than Your Experience
    5. Customer Value and Customer Satisfaction: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
    6. Can Customer Value Change Customer Behaviour and Vice Versa?
    7. Don’t Give Away Too Much to the Customer
    8. Steps in Value Creation Implementation: The Customer Department
    9. Customer Value Journey: Making the Journey Easy and Meaningful Creates Value
    10. Customers as Ambassadors
    11. How SMEs Benefit by Creating Value for Customers: A Case Study
    12. Does a Customer Seek Customer Experience?
    13. Customer-centric Circles, the Self-Directed Approach to Service and Mindset Changes
    14. Ease and Simplicity Creates Experience and Value
  15. 4 Customer Value Starvation
    1. Air India, Whither Goest Thou, and Tata: How to Create Value
    2. Adding More Value Does Not Cost Much; Creating Low Value Does Cost You
    3. Value Creation Implementation Ideas. Avoid Value Destruction
    4. When Zero Defects Are the Norm, Why Not Zero Customer Complaints?
    5. Nuisance Value: Value Creation or Value Destruction?
    6. Value Deprivation
  16. 5 Employee Value
    1. Employee Value Added Is Not What Companies Think!
    2. Value Creation by Employees
    3. Eight Tips for Value Creation for HR Professionals: Become Line Managers
    4. Employee Journey
    5. Using Employees to Build Market Place Foresight and Value Creation
    6. Do Specialists Create More Value Than Generalists?
  17. 6 Businesses and Institutions
    1. Value Creation Is Output/Input
    2. Are Companies Loyal?
    3. The Real Sources of Value: Assets and Performance
    4. Value Creation and Destruction in Customer Value Constellations
    5. Four Types of Companies: My Learnings from Value Creation
    6. Nine Reasons Why Your Company Isn’t Creating Value
    7. Building Silos or Breaking Silos? Internal Customer Is a Flawed Concept!
    8. Management by Creating Value
    9. Does Value Creation Need Financial Incentives?
    10. Companies Misunderstand Price
    11. The Case for Value Creation Centres: Value Councils Go Beyond Pricing Councils and Innovation Councils
    12. Journey of a Customer Value Creation Evangelist: From Companystan to Customerstan
  18. 7 Profits and Value
    1. How the Pure Profit Motive Destroys Value
    2. The Great Balancing Act: You Can Tip the Balance! Increase Profits
    3. Death of Profit: Customer Power Requires a Mindset Change to Improve Customer Retention and Profits
    4. Value Added Stories to Increase Price
    5. How Economics Creates Value
  19. 8 Value Destruction
    1. The Ukraine War Showcases Value Destruction and Learning from It
    2. Look at Value Destruction to Create More Value
    3. Co-Destruction
    4. Value Destruction: Non-Value-Added Tasks Destroy Value
    5. Will Value Destruction Ace Value Creation? Big Brother: Google, Apple, and Microsoft
    6. Power and Value
    7. Money and Power: Motivators of Conscious or Unconscious Value Destruction
  20. 9 Leaders, Executives, and Value Creation
    1. Value Creation and Leaders
    2. Can Non-Owner Stakeholders Select CEOs to Create Value?
    3. To Create More Value, Leaders Should Not Always Lead
    4. Fear: Value Creator or Value Destroyer for Leaders
    5. Trust Creates Value
    6. Should Creating Value Be Part of Leadership and Education
    7. Why Leadership Development Programs Fail: A Contrarian View
    8. Why Training Does Not Create Great Leaders?
    9. The Leadership Skill of Being Able to Unlearn: Create Value through Unlearning
    10. No Time for Customers? Conduct a Task Audit
    11. Are You a Value Creator or a Value Taker?
    12. The Chief Creating Value Officer
    13. Value Creation Implementation Ideas. Avoid Value Destruction
  21. 10 Transformation and Value Creation
    1. Value Creation for Transformational Growth of an Organization
    2. Transforming companies through Value Creation, Not Value Destruction: The Balancing Act
  22. 11 Purpose and Value Creation
    1. Our Purpose in Life
    2. The Purpose of a Company Defined by the World Economic Forum
    3. Why Purpose Creates Value
    4. What Is Value Creation and the New Purpose of a Company?
  23. 12 Sustainability and Value Creation
    1. Creating Value through Sustainability
    2. Value Washing
  24. 13 Disruption and Creating Value
    1. Creating Value in a Disrupted Marketplace
    2. Marketing and Disruption
    3. Creating Value Out of Value Destruction by COVID-19
  25. 14 Marketing and Value Creation
    1. Marketing Must Prevent Customer Value Starvation to Increase Profits
    2. Can Marketing Be a Value Destroyer?
    3. Pitching Your Value Proposition: How to Focus on What Customers Value
    4. De-Commoditizing Commodities: Add Value
    5. Customer and Value Migration
    6. Value of Being Anonymous?
    7. Does Planned Obsolescence Destroy Value?
    8. My Terms or Yours: What Creates More Value?
  26. 15 Value Creation and Technology
    1. Why Creating Value Is a Skill Needed for the Future with AI and Technology
    2. Technology as a Potential Value Destroyer
    3. CIOs Can Be True Value Creators
  27. 16 Value Creation for Suppliers and Partners
    1. Are You Adding Value to Your Suppliers and Partners?
    2. The Supplier Strikes Back
  28. 17 Value and Values
    1. Driving Businesses from Values: Values Create Value (And Higher Profits)
    2. Value and VBA
    3. Corporate Unconsciousness: A Wakeup Call
  29. 18 Value Waiting to Happen and Innovation
    1. Value Waiting to Happen
  30. Appendix A: Guide to Customer Value Creation Definitions
  31. Index

Product information

  • Title: Creating Value for Leaders
  • Author(s): Gautam Mahajan
  • Release date: June 2023
  • Publisher(s): Productivity Press
  • ISBN: 9781000868937