Chapter 15. Creating a Full Web Site

In This Chapter

  • Creating your Web pages

  • Planning your Web site

  • Publishing your Web site

  • Creating navigation

  • Getting the word out

So far, this book has focused on creating individual, separate Web pages. In this chapter, we tell you how to tie several different Web pages together into a multipage Web site. However, it's good to keep your focus on each individual Web page even as you combine them all together.

Users of your site are always able to leave for any other site or page on the Web. If you make sure every Web page you put up is interesting, fun, and attractive, as described throughout this book, you'll end up with a strong Web site.

The terms Web page and Web site are used very similarly. In this book, we use the term Web page to refer to a single Web page consisting of an HTML document and the graphics that go with it. We use the term Web site to refer to an area on the Web consisting of multiple Web pages tied together by shared navigation.

Creating Your Web Pages

It's typical, when designing a Web site, to use a top‐down approach and to start by thinking a lot about navigation, organization, navigation, and so on. (We mention navigation twice because it's such a big concern when you're creating a large Web site.) But for a small Web site, we say go from the bottom up — building the site from carefully crafted individual pages.

Your approach to creating Web pages for a small Web site should be similar to your approach to creating a single Web home ...

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