It may be hard to remember, or it may seem like only yesterday, but some years ago, the personal computer was introduced. The rise and rise and rise of the personal computer — with maybe an occasional stumble but never a real fall — seemed certain to be the most important social and technological event at the end of the twentieth century. From the “two Steves” — Wozniak and Jobs — and their Apple II, to Bill Gates's Windows 95, nothing, it seemed could ever be bigger, or more life‐changing and important, than PCs.

But, people do talk. In fact, talking is one of the main things that people are all about, and in the beginning, the personal computer didn't let you interact with others. However, first with modems, and then with networks, and finally through their combination and culmination in the Internet, personal computers became the tools that opened up a new medium of communication. The most visible and exciting part of the Internet is the World Wide Web. Now communication, not computation, is the story. Computers are still important, but mostly as the means to an end; the end result is to enable people to interact.

If the most exciting channel of communication is the Web, the means of communication is the Web page. Ordinary people demonstrate amazing energy and imagination in creating and publishing diverse Web home pages. And although ordinary people have a desire to create Web pages, businesses have a need to set up shop on the Web. So the rush to the Web continues, ...

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