3 Unpacking the Socio-cognitive Foundations of Creative Leadership

Bridging Implicit Leadership and Implicit Creativity Theories

Olga Epitropaki, Jennifer S. Mueller, and Robert G. Lord


In their review of creative leadership, Mainemelis, Kark, and Epitropaki (2015) observed a literature paradox with regard to creativity and leadership. On the one hand, prior studies (e.g., Mumford et al., 2000; Sternberg, 2007) and practitioner literature have highlighted the importance of creativity for leadership; on the other hand, dominant leadership schemas do not include creativity as an attribute of leadership (e.g., Epitropaki et al., 2013; Lord, Foti, & DeVader, 1984; Offermann Kennedy, & Wirtz, 1994) and studies have shown that creativity ...

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