Creative Project Management

Book description

The seven essential tools for keeping projects on time and under budget

You're executing risk management, leadership, and planning--all hallmarks of outstanding project management. And yet you're still having trouble keeping your projects on schedule.

Creative Project Management adds two new elements to the mix: creativity and innovation.

Internationally renowned project management consultants Michael Dobson and Ted Leemann combine traditional project management skills, such as risk evaluation, decision-making, and human dynamics, with outside-the-box thinking and business creativity. They provide seven new tools and approaches you can apply to any project.

The methods discussed inside Creative Project Management show you how to:

  • Realistically imagine the outcome of your decisions
  • Work with--and around--the realities and constraints that affect your decisions
  • Read and predict trends
  • Manage the long- and short-term ramifications of your decisions
  • Evaluate the impact of present and future technologies on your decisions
  • Imagine new choices you didn't think you had

Creative Project Management provides an invaluable new set of tools for any project management professional tasked with making difficult decisions in these uncertain times.

Product information

  • Title: Creative Project Management
  • Author(s): Michael Dobson
  • Release date: August 2010
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071739344