Chapter 2

Laying the Groundwork for Visualization

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the goals you want to attain

arrow Believing in your ability to achieve

arrow Visualizing having achieved your goals

When you’re laying the groundwork for visualization, the object is to explore every aspect of your goals from start to finish. Your aim is to see how you can begin on the path to achieving goals, what steps to take while doing so, what obstacles may get in your way (so you can overcome them), how to attain the goal, what happens after that, and all the stages in between.

People are different, and so you need to tailor the visualizations in this chapter and throughout this book to your own personality and situation. When you do so, try to be as imaginative and creative as you can. The more wonderful and powerful you make your visualizations, the stronger and more effective they’re going to be.

In this chapter I explain how you can choose the right goals to match your general ambitions in life, and explain the importance of having a positive expectation for all your goals. By understanding right from the start that you’re free to tailor the exercises in this book to match your personal circumstances (to ...

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