Chapter 6

Choosing the Best Times and Locations for Effective Visualization

In This Chapter

arrow Ensuring that you’re free to concentrate

arrow Increasing the power of your visualizations in the unconscious

arrow Using music and video while visualizing

When setting out on a path of personal development through creative visualization, ensure that you do everything possible to get great results as early as possible; doing so helps to reinforce your belief in the techniques and encourages you to use them more.

Not that you must have faith for creative visualization to work – the techniques are tried-and-tested psychological means of connecting with your unconscious mind. You need only to practise them and, even if you’re sceptical, they work. As long as you’re objective in your analysis of the results by noting actual goals achieved rather than vague feelings of being different, you’re going to notice changes taking place in your personality, body, and life in general.

remember.eps The more fully you visualize, however, and the more convinced you are that the practice is going to work, the faster results come and ...

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