Chapter 10

Being Healthy and Banishing Bad Habits

In This Chapter

arrow Ensuring that you have a healthy body, heart, and mind

arrow Helping yourself to quit smoking

arrow Cutting down your alcohol intake

arrow Discovering how to eat healthily

Bad habits start off innocently enough. Perhaps you over-indulge in the holiday season and then never quite get back to your previous level of eating; or maybe you make some new friends who like to drink socially and so you end up drinking more alcohol when you spend time with them. And when you’re young, peer pressure to adopt bad habits is almost irresistible: you try that first cigarette to look cool or avoid being the only one not smoking, which leads to another, and so on. The same process can happen with illegal drugs and alcohol.

Other people fall into different unhealthy traps. For example, after a difficult situation or event you decide to go shopping to cheer up, and pretty soon you find that you’re only happy when shopping and consequently spend far too much money (perhaps more than you earn) just trying to keep your spirits up. Gambling can also start ...

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