Are you a creative business innovator?


The exercises in this book provide examples of how you can become a better business innovator, but their main purpose is to provide inspiration and a foundation for you to develop your own creative processes and routines. By putting your own knowledge into these exercises, you can develop new processes and routines and hone your creative processes for your business. Because it's impossible to know too much.

You have now almost finished reading this book. Congratulations are in order! Hopefully, by reading it, you have taken many strides along the path towards becoming more creative and thus more successful in your business.

The aim of this book has been to increase your point score on the introductory test of your potential as a creative business innovator. Do you remember what your score was? Go back and refresh your memory.

Table 24.1 Self-test for creativity

Statement Points
1. I know a lot about people's behaviour, drives and motivations.
2. I know a lot about economics and business.
3. I know a lot about demographic trends (for example, the effect of motoring tolls, population changes and people's leisure activities).
4. I really feel that I've achieved something when I have thought of a new idea.
5. Developing new ideas is one of my favourite pastimes.
6. It is challenging to develop new marketing strategies. ...

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