Credit 911: Secrets and Strategies to Saving Your Financial Life

Book description

A comprehensive guide to reclaiming your financial life

After the dramatic mortgage crisis and stock market collapse, people are beginning to recognize that the only way to secure their financial future is to take charge of their own spending and saving habits. You can survive this crisis, solve your credit problems, and move on to achieve your dreams, and Credit 911 can show you how.

With this book, author Rodney Anderson-a mortgage banker with over twenty years experience reviewing real-life credit cases-shares his intricate understanding of what it takes to improve your credit score and financial standing.

  • Outlines a practical approach to solving debt and credit problems, as pertaining to marriage, divorce, collections, borrowing, co-signing as well as overcoming foreclosures, short sales, and bankruptcies

  • Shows you how to re-establish your credit and what lenders look for

  • Reveals the tricks of credit card companies and how to set up a system to monitor accounts, track payments, comparatively shop for credit cards, avoid credit chasing, and maintain overall capacity

  • Discusses how to pick the right realtor as well as the right lender, how to secure a mortgage, and to avoid overspending on insurance

  • We live in a credit economy. Our lives are governed by credit. Credit 911 provides you with a solid understanding of how this system works and offers timely tips on taking control of your financial destiny.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Introduction
      1. Bad Credit Happens to Good People
      2. You Had Better Shop Around
      3. Why You Should Listen to Me
      4. Don’t Blame the Swimmers as They Drown
      5. Statistics Don’t Lie—But They Can Scare You Half to Death
      6. The Only Thing Worse Than No Advice Is Bad Advice
      7. What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
    7. CHAPTER 1 - America’s #2 Addiction
      1. The Seduction
      2. Shop around the Clock
      3. What Happens in Vegas Stays on Your Credit Report
      4. Did You Ever Get the Feeling You’re Being Watched?
    8. CHAPTER 2 - Plastic Dynamite
      1. Fire in the Hole
      2. Membership Had Its Privileges
      3. Changing the Rules of the Game
      4. The Gift That Keeps on Taking
      5. Someone Always Has It Worse Than You Do
      6. Somebody Ought to Look into It . . .
      7. I’m Forever in Your Debt
      8. Psst! How Would You Like to Save 10 Percent?
      9. The Rise of the One-Armed Bandit
      10. The Rich Get Richer
    9. CHAPTER 3 - Affairs of the Wallet: Marriage
      1. What You Need to Know before You Say I Do
      2. Dating Interview Tips
      3. The Ten Steps You Must Take before Saying “I Do”
    10. CHAPTER 4 - Affairs of the Wallet: Divorce
      1. What Your Spouse Might Turn Into
      2. I Thought I Was Divorced
      3. Horror Stories
      4. The 15 Steps You Need to Take First
    11. CHAPTER 5 - Collections: Deal with It
      1. Stop Being Right
      2. The Truth about the Seven-Year Rule
      3. Your Action Plan
      4. Dealing with Debt Settlement and Credit Repair Agencies
      5. A Medical Emergency
    12. CHAPTER 6 - The Credit System and How It Works
      1. The Meaning of Your Score
      2. The Credit Scoring Game
      3. Scoring Methods
      4. Your Credit Report
      5. Situations I Have Seen First-Hand
      6. Strategies for Taking Control
    13. CHAPTER 7 - Buying Real Estate Is Not a Joke
      1. The Match Game: Getting You the Best Loan
      2. The World of Real Estate Agents
      3. Home Buying Budget Busters
      4. Buyer Beware
    14. CHAPTER 8 - What If I Lose My Castle?
      1. Foreclosure Basics
      2. Avoiding Foreclosure
      3. When Foreclosure Is Inevitable
    15. CHAPTER 9 - Damage Control
      1. Insurance
      2. You Are at Risk
      3. Make a Collect Call
      4. Investments
      5. Where Is Your Money?
      6. The Third “I”—Identify Theft
      7. You Are Vulnerable
    16. CHAPTER 10 - Bankruptcy: Losing the Battle to Win the War
      1. What Exactly Is Bankruptcy?
      2. Do You Really Need to File for Bankruptcy Protection?
      3. What Type of Bankruptcy Should You File?
      4. What Steps Do You Need to Take?
      5. How Does the Process Begin?
      6. The Advantage of Taking Action Early
    17. CHAPTER 11 - Saving Your Financial Life
      1. Starting Over
      2. One Day at a Time—Maintaining Financial Health
      3. Controlling Your Financial Destiny
      4. Stories of Success
      5. Having Good Credit Improves Your Quality of Life
    18. About the Author
    19. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Credit 911: Secrets and Strategies to Saving Your Financial Life
    • Author(s): Rodney Anderson, Robert Kiyosaki
    • Release date: July 2010
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780470587614