Critical Selling

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Master these top-performing sales skills to dominate the marketplace

Critical Selling is a dynamic and powerful guide for transforming your sales approach and outperforming your competition. This book is based on Janek Performance Group's, an award winning sales performance company, most popular sales training program, Critical Selling®. Let authors Justin Zappulla and Nick Kane, Managing Partners at Janek, lead you through their flagship sales training methodology to provide you with the strategies, skills and best practices you need to accelerate the sales process and close more deals. From the initial contact to closing the deal, this book details the winning strategies and skills that have supercharged the sales force of program alumni like OptumHealth, Santander Bank, Daimler Trucks, California Casualty,  and many more. Concrete, actionable steps show you how to plan a productive sales call, identify customer needs, differentiate yourself from the competition, and wrap up the sale. You'll also learn proven techniques for building rapport, overcoming objections, dealing with price pressures, and handling the million little things that can derail an otherwise positive sales interaction.

Sales are the lifeblood of your company. Are they meeting your expectations? What if you could exceed projected sales figures and blow your competition out of the water? This book provides the research-based framework to ignite your sales team and excite your customer base, for sustainable success in today's market. Let Critical Selling® show you how to:

  • Connect with customers on a deeper level to build trust
  • Present a persuasive and value-based solution tailored to your customer’s needs
  • Handle pricing pressure, doubt, and objections with confidence
  • Utilize proven methodologies that help you close the sale

Sales is about so much more than exchanging goods or services for cash. It's about relationships, it's about outperforming the competition, it's about demonstrating real value, and it's about understanding and solving people's problems. Critical Selling shows you how to bring it all together, using proven techniques based on real sales performance research.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Additional Praise for Critical Selling
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Critical Selling: Focusing on What Matters Most
  8. Chapter 1: Selling to Today's Buyers: Remain Customer-Focused
    1. Recognize That Buyers Have Changed
    2. Use the Right Sales Approach
    3. Know How Your Customers Perceive You
    4. Become a Trusted Advisor
    5. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  9. Chapter 2: The First Step Is to Believe: Change Your Mindset
    1. Mind Your Mindset
    2. Always Be Improving
    3. Stay Patient through Change
    4. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  10. Chapter 3: Why Planning Matters: Determine Your Approach
    1. Understand That Planning Matters
    2. Think about Planning
    3. Set SAM Objectives
    4. Plan Ahead and Reflect After
    5. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  11. Chapter 4: A Solid Opening: Connect with Your Customers
    1. Plan Your Opening
    2. Master the Greeting
    3. Create Connections
    4. Deliver a Legitimate Purpose Statement
    5. Confirm for Feedback
    6. Close the Opening with Some Reflection
    7. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  12. Chapter 5: It's All about Discovering: Get to Know Your Customers
    1. Understand the Benefits of Discovering
    2. Ask the Right Questions
    3. Target the Six Critical Areas of Focus
    4. Listen Actively to Understand Your Customer
    5. Avoid Common Pitfalls
    6. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  13. Chapter 6: Presenting What Your Customer Needs: Link a Tailored Solution
    1. Take Advantage of Discovering
    2. Plan the Approach
    3. Tailor the Solution
    4. Ask for Feedback
    5. Strengthen the Solution
    6. Link Your Solution
    7. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  14. Chapter 7: Leverage Momentum at Closing: Capture Customer Confidence
    1. Summarize Where You've Been
    2. Gain Commitment to Move Forward
    3. Define Next Steps
    4. Confirm with Your Customer
    5. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  15. Chapter 8: Dealing with Objections: Return to the Land of Discovery
    1. Recognize Real Objections
    2. Understand Why Objections Come Up
    3. Be Prepared for Objections
    4. Work through Objections
    5. Maintain Goodwill and Ask for Feedback
    6. Critical Selling: Lessons Learned
  16. Conclusion: Putting It All Together: Mindset + Practice + Process + Action
    1. Plan Each Sales Interaction
    2. Connect and Reconnect
    3. Ask Questions (and Listen to the Answers)
    4. Adjust Your Attitude
  17. Appendix: Case Study: The McCrone Group
    1. The Challenge
    2. The Solution
    3. The Results
  18. About Janek Performance Group
  19. About the Authors
  20. Index
  21. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Critical Selling
  • Author(s): Nick Kane, Justin Zappulla
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119052555