Critical Thinking

Book description

Mistakes occur for many reasons. This book takes a hands-on approach to the reasons mistakes happen, analyzes the actual mistakes, and develops a strategy to reduce them.

This book proposes error reduction strategies in human decision making and educates the reader to further reduce the likelihood of making a mistake. It provides error reduction strategies, describes various cost-effective methods for eliminating costly errors, and discusses Anthropometry, Crew Resource Management, Human Factors, Industrial Engineering, Scientific Management, and Usability and the role these topics play in the avoidance of mistakes.

This book will be of interest to professionals and students in the areas of industrial engineering, human factors, logistics, quality control, manufacturing, human resources, and safety.

Product information

  • Title: Critical Thinking
  • Author(s): Gerald J. Watson Jr.
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): CRC Press
  • ISBN: 9781000076585