Chapter 2

Gearing Up Internally for CRM


check Recognizing and addressing the resistance to new strategies and processes

check Building a team that uses your CRM effectively

check Creating a singular vision for everyone in sales, marketing, and operations

check Teaming up with IT to build a data-driven culture

check Making CRM an integral part of your corporate culture

CRM is more than a software package. It’s a mindset and a collaborative effort that spans the entire organization and includes your leads, customers, vendors, and partners. Making CRM work requires a culture that supports it.

In this chapter, you discover how to gear up internally to implement an effective Complete CRM. You develop the knowledge and skills to anticipate common roadblocks and clear them with confidence. You build a creative, collaborative environment united behind the common purpose of improving customer satisfaction and developing customer relationships that drive profit and growth.

To make Complete CRM work, you ...

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