Chapter 5

Creating Story Arcs and Buyer Journeys with CRM


check Maximizing exposure to you and your brand

check Making the first impression a good one

check Building process that converts leads to clients better than anyone else

check Turning customers into advocates

The journey that someone takes from first exposure to your brand to becoming a customer can be a long and complex one. In many ways, this journey is similar to a story, with twists and turns and unpredictable parts. That doesn’t mean you have no control over a customer’s journey. To the contrary, good process combined with solid understanding of your market gives you the power to write the story for your customers.

The story of a customer’s journey may be long, and there may be many variations to it, but you can your CRM to measure the entire journey. When you combine all the steps in a customer’s journey into a single, flexible platform, you can track and influence that journey.

remember Keeping track of where customers come from and ...

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