A Role for Marketing-Oriented
Ct?dl/l Technologies
A change of control?
Chapter 6 dropped some heavy hints that CRM needs to change to embrace
certain functions that would traditionally have resided within the marketing
department. This does not mean that marketing personnel will lose control; to
date, however, the marketing function has not exercised control over CRM
strategy. Recent research work conducted in the United Kingdom by the
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) highlights the fact that marketing
professionals may not have the necessary credentials to own the CRM brief in
the future, unless they change the way they do things.
The U.K. Chartered Institute of Marketing report, "Connected Econ-
omy~The Impact of E-Business on Marketing Marketers," from the
University of the West of England Business School concludes, "There is a
yawning gap between the capabilities of new technologies and the realities of
life for the modern marketing manager." The report continues:
A fantasy just a decade ago, many new media are now part of the
consumer's day-to-day experience. But many senior marketers ques-
tioned for the study concurred that new technologies have not
dramatically altered business practice. Theories of business change
are largely ahead of what is happening on the ground, while much of
the data now so easily accessible are rarely put to good use.
So how will change happen? What developments are likely to result in a
merger between CRM and marketing disciplines?

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