std::cerr << "An exception has occurred: " <<
return 0;
#ifdef __cplusplus
10.9 Conclusion
OGRE (Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is perhaps one of
the single largest and most comprehensive open-source 3D SDKs
available. As such, this chapter can be considered little more than an
OGRE introduction; there is far more to OGRE than what is included
here. Consequently, perhaps the best strategy is to now sort through
the OGRE sample applications shipped with the OGRE SDK, examin-
ing each application and its code and scripts and making changes to
observe their effects. The ever-growing OGRE wiki is also a compre-
hensive source of OGRE information, written by OGRE users for
OGRE users.
Chapter 10 / 3D Games with OGRE 3D 333
Chapter 10

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