1.5 Conclusion
This chapter defined cross-platform games as games that run on two
or more different platforms (or species of operating systems). Exam-
ples of cross-platform games include Diner Dash, The Battle for
Wesnoth, OpenArena, and thousands of others. Some of the potential
operating systems games can run on include Windows, Mac OS X, and
Linux; Linux Ubuntu especially has attracted a growing population of
game players and developers compared to other Linux distributions.
To develop cross-platform games, developers must compile and test
their games on each target platform before release as a final product.
Thus, cross-platform development requires a cross-platform environ-
ment, and developers must have the facilities to run multiple platforms
by maintaining one machine per platform, by multiple booting, or by
using virtualization software like VMWare to simulate guest operating
systems inside a host OS. This book assumes the reader has a Win-
dows or Mac OS X background, and for this reason, Linux Ubuntu, and
using Linux generally, is considered in more detail in the next chapter.
48 Chapter 1 / Cross-Platform Games

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