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Cross-Selling Financial Services

Book Description

This book is about generating profitable revenue from existing clients, and converting part-time clients into 100 percent full-time clients. Professionals and firms that offer financial services want to enjoy continued organic growth, and maximize the value of their business. Retaining and developing existing clients is one of the challenges they encounter in the process. The financial services industry is currently facing several key challenges: increasing competition, industry consolidation, rapidly changing technology, a soft market (for rates, premiums, and fees), and an increasing number of regulatory requirements. All these factors make it difficult for firms to produce consistent, positive, organic growth. This book is a follow-up to the author’s previous book The Financial Sales Handbook: A Professionals Guide to Becoming a Top Producer. Although this book is an extension of the first, readers can be confident in approaching it as a stand-alone book. Cross-Selling Financial Services: A Professional’s Guide to Account Development is for experienced professionals and firms who want to protect their existing top clients and revenue, and maximize the long-term growth and profitability of their business. The book will also help professionals to sharpen their account development capabilities. It is designed to be the nucleus for corporate training programs, as well as a guide for self-employed professionals who must market and sell to stay in business.