Chapter 1

The Crowd’s in Your Corner: Funding or Investing in a Business

In This Chapter

arrow Getting thematic

arrow Tapping in to the crowd’s collective power

arrow Sensing why people want to be part of the crowd

arrow Identifying business benefits from crowdfund investing

arrow Connecting private businesses and investors

arrow Anticipating this industry’s impact

There are very few instances in history when we’ve had a start date for an entire industry that will disrupt the way the world looks at business. This is one of them. For the first time in 80 years, the average Jane and Joe have the ability to start a business with the help of the crowd or own a part of a friend’s American dream.

Communities will come together to look at business ideas, fund those they believe in, rally around entrepreneurs with knowledge and experience, and help create millions of jobs. Welcome to the emergence of Web 3.0, where the social ...

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