Chapter 12

Communicating with Your Investors

In This Chapter

arrow Tapping into what makes your investors unique

arrow Sketching an outbound communications plan

Shhh. What’s that? Silence. Not good. A strategy of silence and not engaging may be good when you’re deep in meditation and trying to escape the noise of your life. But when it comes to running a business, silence is never golden.

Leaving your crowdfund investors out in the cold is not smart, and it’s actually illegal. According to the JOBS Act, you have to communicate with your investors through written documents in the prefunding stage (via your business plan), through open dialogue during the funding process (via an online funding portal, which we describe in Chapter 7), and through reporting after funding has been secured (via annual reports). You have a responsibly to tell them what’s happening, whether the news is good, bad, or something in the middle.

In this chapter, we help you understand how to communicate with your investors post-funding. First, you need to understand how crowdfund investors differ from the typical Wall Street or even venture capital financiers. We also help you deal with investors who may become more difficult to deal with.

We show you how to develop a communication plan so that you’re never leaving your ...

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