Chapter 3

Infiltrating the Crowd

In This Chapter

arrow Tracing the crowdworker’s process

arrow Applying insider knowledge to your crowdsourcing

arrow Becoming a Wikipedia contributor

arrow Getting to grips with the biggest platform: Mechanical Turk

arrow Exploring the Zooniverse

Most of this book clues you in on crowdsourcing from the point of view of the crowdsourcer, the person who designs and manages the crowdsourcing activity. But just as bosses in organisations benefit from getting out on the shop floor, being part of the crowd yourself enables you to gain a good understanding of crowdsourcing.

From within the crowd, you see how the crowd works and how it deals with specific crowdsourced jobs. You notice how individuals interact with the crowdmarket, which tasks are difficult and which are easy, which instructions guide you to do the job well and which are confusing. And you develop a keen sense of which skills are actually needed for a task.

The most experienced crowdsourcers spend a few minutes each day ...

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