Chapter 5

Creating Crowdcontests

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing what’s great about crowdcontests

arrow Choosing between the different types

arrow Setting up your own crowdcontest

arrow Improving crowd engagement

arrow Working through an example

Crowdcontests are perhaps the simplest form of crowdsourcing. Announce that you’re looking for some kind of product or idea. Establish the rules. Set a deadline. Advertise your contest. Wait for the results.

You don’t run a crowdcontest, however, simply because you like a good contest. You run a crowdcontest in order to generate new ideas. Those ideas can be creative products, new innovations, a snapshot of a big market, a strategic plan, or even just a solution to a problem that you’ve not been able to solve.

In this chapter, I take a look at why – and how – crowdcontests can work for you.

Reaping the Benefits of Crowdcontests

So what’s so great about crowdcontests? Well, three things:

Crowdcontests generate new ideas.

Crowdcontests are often associated with creative ...

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