Chapter 7

Making Use of Macrotasks

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding macrotasking

arrow Appreciating what’s great about macrotasking

arrow Knowing which tasks can be macrotasks

arrow Getting ready to macrotask

arrow Finding a macrotasker for the job

arrow Bringing the project to a close

arrow Working through an example project

Welcome to the world of macrotasking – a new form of freelancing where you (as the crowdsourcer) go to the crowdmarket with a job that requires a specific skillset. You use the market to engage the crowd and find one person with the skills needed to do that job. Macrotasking is so similar to freelancing that a new term – elancing – has been coined to describe it.

As with all forms of crowdsourcing, macrotasking has led people to think about jobs in new ways. In the traditional model, organisations ...

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