Chapter 12

Crowdsourcing with Social Media

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing what social media can do for your crowdsourcing

arrow Gathering a private crowd

arrow Reaching the crowd with simple social media strategies

arrow Using a crowdsourcing tool to extend your reach

If you’re familiar with social media – websites that you can use to organise your social interaction – and make use of it in your business, you may wonder whether you can use it for crowdsourcing. The good news is that using social media is closely connected to crowdsourcing, and social media platforms can be useful for supporting crowdsourcing. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, and even the WordPress blog on your website – you can use them all to recruit crowds, to engage crowds and to promote the work of crowdsourcing. In some cases, you can even conduct elementary crowdsourcing with nothing more than ordinary social media platforms.

In this chapter, I show you the principles for using social media to conduct your crowdsourcing projects. Because some of the more established forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter ...

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