Chapter 14

Managing Your Crowd

In This Chapter

arrow Using both analytical and human skills to manage

arrow Making good choices when it comes to crowd members

arrow Guiding and incentivising crowd members as they work

arrow Spotting issues, and knowing when to quit

arrow Dealing with disgruntled crowds

Crowdsourcing can be deceiving. After you understand the basic forms of crowdsourcing, you may quickly conclude that crowdsourcing is a simple activity. Identify a problem. Choose a platform. Write instructions. Listen to your crowd, in case it has something to say. Then the crowd solves your problem.

Indeed, crowdsourcing is a simple process. But like many simple processes, it requires a good manager, someone who can fit a complicated activity into the crowdsourcing mould and make the process work.

In this chapter, I look at how to manage and lead your crowd – how to guide the members towards your goals, how to detect problems before they occur, how to respect the crowd’s rights and how to deal with members of ...

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