Chapter 15

Learning on the Job

In This Chapter

arrow Aiming for continuous improvement

arrow Knowing how to handle common issues

arrow Expecting the unexpected

arrow Doing a pilot run to iron out problems

arrow Rejigging a crowdfunding campaign

So you’ve posted the job description, recruited the crowd, accepted the results and paid your workers. You’ve finished your first crowdsourcing job. You may wonder what to do next. Well, if you’re never going to do another crowdsourcing job in your life, you can close this book, return it to the shelf and forget about it until your aunt holds a garage sale and asks whether you have anything that you’d like to donate.

But if you’re thinking about another crowdsourcing job – either soon or in the distant future – you may want to read this chapter, which is all about learning from what you’ve done. Each time you do a crowdsourcing job, aim to take all the information gathered from your experience with crowdsourcing and ask what you did right, what you did wrong and how you ...

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