Chapter 21

Ten Best Practices to Adopt

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping channels of communication open at all times

arrow Shouting about the good stuff

arrow Rewarding the crowd

Generally, the best practices for one form of crowdsourcing aren’t always the same as the best practices for another. The five forms of crowdsourcing are united by only one common feature: they utilise a crowdmarket to control and coordinate activity. Nonetheless, that one common feature allows me to identify best practices that you can apply to all types of crowdsourcing.

Doing Things Step by Step

You can crowdsource a lot of things. When you understand the fundamentals of crowdsourcing, you can look at a business process, a not-for-profit activity or even the things that you do in your own life and see two or three or four things to crowdsource. As much as you may want to run away and do everything with crowdsourcing, though, build your expertise first and learn the right ways to do things.

remember.eps Do things in small steps and you’ll quickly see that the difference between microtasks and macrotasks is smaller than you may have believed. ...

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