Chapter 18

Long-Term Investing Strategies


Bullet Reviewing goals and circumstances before long-term investing

Bullet Making note of methods to develop long-term investment strategies

Bullet Using different order types for your transactions

Do you know how long the first Bitcoin investors waited to see any type of return? Around seven years. Some Bitcoin miners and early investors actually forgot about their crypto assets and had to go on a treasure hunt to find their Bitcoin wallets during the 2017 bubble.

The point is that just like many other markets, time and patience can be your best friends. But you still need to have a plan based on your risk tolerance and financial goals in order to profit long term. In this chapter, I go over the basics of long-term investing in cryptocurrencies.

Time Is on Your Side: Getting Started with Long-Term Investing

When I talk about long-term investment strategies, I’m basically treating cryptocurrencies as assets. And just like any other type of financial investment, you need to create a portfolio that goes along with your risk tolerance and financial goals. To do so, you can begin by examining the criteria for constructing your crypto portfolio ...

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