Cryptography Apocalypse

Book description

Will your organization be protected the day a quantum computer breaks encryption on the internet?

Computer encryption is vital for protecting users, data, and infrastructure in the digital age. Using traditional computing, even common desktop encryption could take decades for specialized ‘crackers’ to break and government and infrastructure-grade encryption would take billions of times longer. In light of these facts, it may seem that today’s computer cryptography is a rock-solid way to safeguard everything from online passwords to the backbone of the entire internet. Unfortunately, many current cryptographic methods will soon be obsolete. In 2016, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) predicted that quantum computers will soon be able to break the most popular forms of public key cryptography. The encryption technologies we rely on every day—HTTPS, TLS, WiFi protection, VPNs, cryptocurrencies, PKI, digital certificates, smartcards, and most two-factor authentication—will be virtually useless. . . unless you prepare. 

Cryptography Apocalypse is a crucial resource for every IT and InfoSec professional for preparing for the coming quantum-computing revolution. Post-quantum crypto algorithms are already a reality, but implementation will take significant time and computing power. This practical guide helps IT leaders and implementers make the appropriate decisions today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This important book:

  • Gives a simple quantum mechanics primer
  • Explains how quantum computing will break current cryptography
  • Offers practical advice for preparing for a post-quantum world
  • Presents the latest information on new cryptographic methods
  • Describes the appropriate steps leaders must take to implement existing solutions to guard against quantum-computer security threats 

Cryptography Apocalypse: Preparing for the Day When Quantum Computing Breaks Today's Crypto is a must-have guide for anyone in the InfoSec world who needs to know if their security is ready for the day crypto break and how to fix it.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. The Coming Quantum Day of Reckoning
    2. Who This Book Is For
    3. What Is Covered in This Book?
    4. How to Contact Wiley or the Author
  3. I: Quantum Computing Primer
    1. 1 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
      1. What Is Quantum Mechanics?
      2. The Basic Properties of Quantum Mechanics
      3. Quantum Examples in Our World Today
      4. For Additional Information
      5. Summary
    2. 2 Introduction to Quantum Computers
      1. How Are Quantum Computers Different?
      2. Types of Quantum Computers
      3. Components of a Quantum Computer
      4. Quantum National Guidance
      5. Other Quantum Information Science Besides Computers
      6. For More Information
      7. Summary
    3. 3 How Can Quantum Computing Break Today's Cryptography?
      1. Cryptography Basics
      2. How Quantum Computers Can Break Cryptography
      3. Summary
    4. 4 When Will the Quantum Crypto Break Happen?
      1. It Was Always “10 Years from Now”
      2. Quantum Crypto Break Factors
      3. When the Quantum Cyber Break Will Happen
      4. Breakout Scenarios
      5. Summary
    5. 5 What Will a Post-Quantum World Look Like?
      1. Broken Applications
      2. Quantum Computing
      3. Quantum Cryptography Will Be Used
      4. Quantum Networking Arrives
      5. Quantum Applications
      6. Summary
  4. II: Preparing for the Quantum Break
    1. 6 Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
      1. NIST Post-Quantum Contest
      2. Types of Post-Quantum Algorithms
      3. Quantum-Resistant Asymmetric Encryption Ciphers
      4. Quantum-Resistant Digital Signatures
      5. Caution Advised
      6. For Additional Information
      7. Summary
    2. 7 Quantum Cryptography
      1. Quantum RNGs
      2. Quantum Hashes and Signatures
      3. Quantum Encryption Ciphers
      4. Summary
    3. 8 Quantum Networking
      1. Quantum Network Components
      2. Quantum Network Applications
      3. Other Quantum Networks
      4. For More Information
      5. Summary
    4. 9 Preparing Now
      1. Four Major Post-Quantum Mitigation Phases
      2. The Six Major Post-Quantum Mitigation Project Steps
      3. Summary
  5. Appendix: Additional Quantum Resources
    1. Books
    2. Videos
    3. Online Courses
    4. Websites
    5. Blogs
    6. Podcast
    7. Quantum Magazines/Newsletters
    8. Quantum Mailing Lists
    9. Miscellaneous Quantum Articles
    10. Quantum Vendors
    11. Twitter
    12. Software-Related
    13. Miscellaneous Quantum Consortiums
    14. Government-Sponsored Programs and Nonprofits
  6. Index
  7. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Cryptography Apocalypse
  • Author(s): Roger A. Grimes
  • Release date: November 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119618195