Appendix B. Directory of C++ Functions

Input/Output, Conversion, Comparison: Member Functions

LINT (void);

Constructor 1:

an uninitialized LINT object is generated

LINT (const char* str,
     int base);

Constructor 2:

LINT is constructed from a string of digits to base base

LINT (const UCHAR* byte,
      int len);

Constructor 3:

LINT is constructed from a byte vector with digits to base 28 according to IEEE P1363, significance of bits grows from left to right

LINT (const char* str);

Constructor 4:

LINT is constructed from an ASCII string with C-Syntax

LINT (const LINT&);

Constructor 5:

LINT is constructed from LINT (copy constructor)

LINT (signed int);

Constructor 6:

LINT is constructed from an integer of type int

LINT (signed long);

Constructor 7:

LINT is constructed ...

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