Chapter 19. BusinessObjects Enterprise Repository

In This Chapter

  • Adding folders and objects to BusinessObjects Enterprise Repository

  • Adding Repository objects to reports

  • Modifying objects

  • Updating connected Repository objects in reports

  • Deleting items from the Repository

As its name implies, BusinessObjects Enterprise Repository is a central location where you can store report objects. It delivers two benefits to you as a report developer:

  • You can store different types of objects there. The Repository saves you from reinventing the wheel. After you create an object — a text object, a bitmapped image, a custom function, or an SQL command — you can store it in the Repository. From there, you can add it to any other reports that you or your colleagues create.

  • The Repository remains connected to all the reports that have drawn objects from it. You can take an object from the Repository, put it into a report, update it, and then return it to the Repository. All other reports that contain that object are automatically updated, saving you from having to keep track of which versions of a particular object are in which reports. You have to manually update the object only once, rather than in all the reports that use it.

The Repository is hosted by the central management server (CMS) system database in BusinessObjects Enterprise. Thus, it's only available on systems that include BusinessObjects Enterprise. Standalone copies of Crystal Reports do not have access to the Repository.


The first ...

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