Chapter 15. Practice Exam 2

Question 1

Which of these commands will disable CDP? (Choose two.)

  • A. no cdp enable in global configuration mode.

  • B. no cdp run in global configuration mode.

  • C. no cdp enable in interface configuration mode.

  • D. no cdp run in interface configuration mode.

  • E. None of these is correct.

Question 2

The VPN software client establishes what parameters during IKE negotiations with the headend? (Choose two.)

  • A. Diffie-Hellman Group

  • B. Encryption window size

  • C. Certificate refresh interval

  • D. SA lifetime

Question 3

A 6500-series Layer 3 switch offers the opportunity to add what capability internally?

  • A. A NIDS blade, which can then process all traffic passing through the switch fabric.

  • B. A VPN accelerator card, to allow IPSec VPN termination. ...

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