5. Boxes Inside Boxes

Labeling Things Visually with HTML

In my workshops I’m often asked how long it took me to learn CSS. Here’s the story I tell.

I had been staring at code for several months before any of it made any sense to me. In fact, I bet a lot of you are in that spot right now. You can crack open Dreamweaver or WordPress and change the colors and widths of some things, but you’re not sure exactly how it all works or what you might be breaking.

I’ve been there.

Learning CSS Happens Fast, Once You Know the Secret

It all came together for me during some training that Hilton Worldwide, my employer at the time, sent me to. You see, I sort of lied on my résumé and said I could do some things I couldn’t. I say “sort of” for a reason. On my ...

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