Chapter 3

Working with Fonts and Colors

In This Chapter

arrow Interacting with fonts

arrow Designing pages to use web-safe fonts

arrow Creating and using text effects

arrow Using color to make a statement

arrow Working with aural style sheets

The first two chapters of this book introduce fonts and colors. You can’t really create a page without these two features. What you’ve seen so far are some practical ways to use both fonts and color to create a basic page. Of course, there’s always more to the picture than just the basics. This chapter extends your knowledge and helps you understand some interesting things you can do with both fonts and color.

Part of jazzing up a page effectively is knowing what to avoid and why you should avoid it. Instead of giving you a designer’s knowledge of the topic, this chapter provides some useful tips that developers should know when working with pages. The third-party libraries that you work with later in the book tend to enforce these guidelines automatically, but you still ...

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