Submitting a binary file – Sality.G.exe

This section deals with binary files that contain malware samples. For this purpose, we may need to isolate the environment of the malware once again.

  1. Please repeat adding the Host-only Adapter vboxnet0 and set it just the way we did in Chapter 1, Getting Started with Automated Malware Analysis using Cuckoo Sandbox.
  2. Start the windows-cuckoo from VirtualBox, set the IP, and save the snapshot of it.
  3. Remember to turn it off, change the Cuckoo configuration, and restart it.
  4. You can start to analyze the binary file using the following command:
    $ python utils/ --platform windows shares/Sality.G.exe
    Submitting a binary file – Sality.G.exe
  5. Also remember ...

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