Cultivate Conference 2016 - San Jose, CA: Video Compilation

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Cultivate 2016 San Jose brought together fourteen of the nation's top strategic design consultants, leadership coaches, and engineering leads to riff cogently on what makes a 21st century business culture work. This video compilation lets you listen in on every seminar delivered at this two day event by the culture enhancers at XPLANE, Team Dynamics Boston, Olsen Solutions, Richer Earth, Maya, Pinterest, Wodtke Consulting, Starfighter, Silicon Valley Data Science, and more. This is a special group with long personal histories of successful product development at companies such as Google, Twitter, DropBox, and GE. They've synthesized their victories - and their failures - into a set of leadership methodologies anyone launching a start-up, running a product division, or corralling a fractured enterprise can use to build and nurture a recognizable, sustainable, and profitable business culture.

  • See how the LEGO® Serious Play® process weaves disparate thinkers into cohesive teams
  • Learn about Culture Maps, a unique tool for identifying culture and improving it over time
  • Discern why business cultures that elicit highly specific behaviors produce the best ROI
  • Explore how technical on-boarding and mentoring will significantly improve team diversity
  • Discover Radical Candor, a management philosophy that can make any boss better
  • Understand OKRs and how they’re used to methodically tackle and realize big goals
  • Hear how Capture the Flag contests transformed green recruits into a legendary security team
  • Pick up practical advice on when and how to scale your engineering teams

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  • Title: Cultivate Conference 2016 - San Jose, CA: Video Compilation
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  • Release date: April 2016
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