11imageKnee Knocker

Over the next few holes, the group stayed pretty quiet as everyone focused on their amazing day of golf. All four of them were on the verge of personal records on the course. It was as if everyone was reflecting on the deep conversations of the day, looking inward to see how learning this information could change their respective businesses that each of them relaxed and attacked the challenging course. Alex took in the silence. He saw the wheels turning, and as much as he wanted to pick their brains and dive deeper into the discussion, he had learned over time to let the magic happen in the silence. He decided to wait to see if anyone else started up the conversation again, but he was playing lights out too and had a chance to have a lower score than Collin, maybe for the first time ever.

He knew what the next topic was from his notes, now on hole 16. Commitment. He knew a lot of people struggled with this concept, but it was always hard for Alex to understand why. When he wanted something, he went after it relentlessly. When he signed up for something, he saw it through to the end. When he gave his word, he always followed through. It was part of who he was, which is probably why flaky, inconsistent, noncommittal people drove him absolutely mad.

His therapist tied it back to his father leaving, of course. It seemed like all of Alex's issues stemmed from there. ...

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