Chapter 16Anthony WedoFormer CEO of Ovation Brands

Success has nothing to do with money, titles, and possessions; success is only about committing—every day—to becoming the absolute best you can be.

—John Mattone

ANTHONY WEDO IS FAMOUSLY KNOWN as the “Corporate Turnaround CEO” because in the past 30 years he has led the turnaround for companies such as Ovation Brands, once thought to be a lost cause. Transformation isn't easy. What does it take to do it right? The seeds to Anthony Wedo's success were sewn very early on, in a modest childhood in the small town of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. The values of every leader are formed early in life, and Anthony Wedo learned three things early on: work hard, keep a laser focus, and serve others.

The Wedo household, in which Anthony was the youngest of three children, was a busy one. Anthony's father labored tirelessly sometimes at three jobs—certainly never fewer than two. And his mother managed to seamlessly run the home and family and work to help make ends meet. Their dedication was astounding. Even with relentlessly grueling hours and surely tiring days piling up on each other, Anthony never once heard his parents complain. This was important; it crystallized in his mind the value of a good work ethic. Although they had little, and in fact struggled to make ends meet, Anthony learned that a strong work ethic was essential. Absent of all other advantages—be it intellect, privilege, or opportunity—an unwavering dedication is imperative. ...

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