Chapter 3

Planning a Customer Analytics Initiative

In This Chapter

arrow Outlining the scope and goals of an analytics initiative

arrow Choosing metrics, methods, and tools

arrow Setting budgets and sample sizes

Launching a customer analytics initiative can be confusing on where to start and which method to use when. In this chapter, I review the best practices for defining, collecting, and analyzing your customer analytics to help make better decisions from your customer data.

There are a number of ways of thinking about goals, methods, and outcomes. Your organization may already have a project scoping process that you can adapt for your customer analytics initiative. In this chapter, I use an approach based loosely on the Six Sigma methodology, tailored to customer analytics. It’s a framework that’s flexible and familiar and works across disparate products and companies.

The basic framework is to define what you want to do, find the right ways to measure it, do something about the measures, and put processes in place to continue using customer analytics to make better business decisions.

A Customer Analytics Initiative Overview

Before you start on your initiative, keep these four things in mind: ...

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