Chapter 10

Quantifying the Consideration and Purchase Phases

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the consideration touchpoints

arrow Measuring the influence of customer and company touchpoints

arrow Tracking conversions and purchases

arrow Conducting A/B tests

Many times before customers make a purchase, they come across your company — they see your website, an advertisement, or read a review.

This is the awareness step. When you can get those potential customers interacting with your company — maybe they download a brochure from your website or sign up for your newsletter — those customers have moved into the consideration phases.

The places where potential customers interact with your company in the awareness and consideration steps are touchpoints (see Chapter 7). When you identify the touchpoints, you need to prioritize which touchpoints have the largest influence on your customers’ decisions. You need to understand how each touchpoint impacts customers’ decisions, then measure the strength of the impact and understand what can be improved.

Identifying the Consideration Touchpoints

Touchpoints are the ...

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